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We use 100% POST-CONSUMER recycled paper.
100% post-consumer is the most eco-friendly paper solution - And yes! It means it's worth recycling that juice
carton of yours, it just may reincarnate as a GOOD NOONCHI Greeting Card!
Our recycled paper is as high quality as non-recycled, yet  it's saving 'Planet A' by existing. A big claim?  Maybe.  Mind-blowingly true?  Yes.
Here's how-
No. 1:  no trees are hurt - & hurting trees creates co2!
no. 2: you save 69% of the energy it takes to produce non-recycled paper 
no. 3: similarly, 47% less water is used 
no. 4: you reduce landfill
no. 5: you reduce methane gas
'These are great stats GOOD NOONCHI - but how do they SLOW climate change?​​' ​I hear u ask
'I'll give you some context,' replies GOOD NOONCHI, in a friendly, alien voice.
  • FirstlyDeforestation (hurting trees) accounts for 25% of CO2 emissions caused by human activity. By purchasing recycled paper you are directly choosing not to fund one of the largest causes of CO2 emissions. 
  • Secondly, the EPA cites landfills as the single largest source of methane emissions into the atmosphere, and identifies the decomposition of paper as among the highest sources of landfill methane. As methane has 21x the heat-trapping power of CO2, by decreasing paper landfill, we decrease methane gas & so keep the planet cooler. 
  • Thirdly, by purchasing recycled whenever you can, you are increasing demand for recycled products (& decreasing demand for our nemesis 'non-recycled') which is helping divert paper away from landfill and into recirculation = less waste & less new resources used. 
  • Fourthly, in buying recycled over non-recycled, you save needlessly using up resources like energy & water.
  • Fifthly, buying recycled paper reduces negative impacts on indigenous communities who's land is wanted for tree-mining (an alien term Good Noonchi made-up, but that illustrates the point quite well)
  • SIXTHLY, when you buy paper made from virgin fibre (FRESH JUICY TREES), this fibre has had to be grown. This is often done in the form of plantations which are mono-crops. Mono-crops do not allow for the biodiversity needed for wildlife and plant species to prosper, resulting in the loss of life, livelihood* and habitat for the species that lived there.
  • Finally, there are two arguments against recycled paper, two opinions I would not like to recycle, that Noonchi wants to address, for any of my noonchies that are still concerned... even after hearing they are the tonic the earth is waiting for.
​A) "Recycled paper can be low or inconsistent in quality." The fact is, paper needs to be recycled 4-6 times (some sources even quote 7x) before the fibres are unfit to be re-used. Considering Australia recycles "about 60%" of its paper waste it is a while before we need to fear we are 'over-recycling'. Regardless of this,  Good Noonchi has strict quality control. We check all our art before it leaves the ufo. Your card is guaranteed to be High Quality,  Thick,  300gsm Card.​ All art, cards, envelopes, stickers, space-passports.. (the lot!) are checked before they leave our three-fingered alien claws. You're safe. 
B) The second concern (encountered on a trip around the satellites) is that if we use only recycled paper we will run out of paper. Humans think they're resourceful... but rest assured, you have not yet been that resourceful.
Feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions or great banter to share about our fave planet or the cosmos.
We use dry toner which is a non-toxic dye.  Dry toner uses heat to transfer the image onto the paper, resulting in there being very little waste in the process. This also means if you were to recycle your GOOD NOONCHI Card (though heaven forbid you should ever want to), it will have less impact on the planet, as the non-toxic ink can be separated from the paper with less toxic soap than toxic dyes (dyes autocorrected to 'less toxic dudes' haha what do you know).​ 
good noonchi ENVELOPES
Our envelopes are 120gsm made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Yellow.
Our stickers are biodegradable and also printed in Castlemaine, Vic. They are currently printed on pulp from sustainable forestry, so we are looking forward to swapping that over as soon as we find a recycled solution to this in Australia! Hit us up if you have any leads!



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